About Us

Intorix Technology is a web and mobile application development providing Outsourcing Company. We provide Web, Mobile and Digital Marketing Solutions to startups, small businesses and to those companies that desire to either keep their in-house team small or, sub-contract any overflow work they cannot handle with their current team.

Organizations looking to outsource often make a common mistake by hiring freelancers which is more of a gamble or, working with big consultancies that in most cases do not deliver enough value.

At Intorix Technology, we appoint dedicated small, well-groomed teams for our customers who assist them focus more on their business goals rather than worry about technical matter. For all intents and purposes we work as your extended team operating from our delivery center in India.

Using our services, clients have the benefit of the cost and suppleness of hiring through online portals such as UpWork, and superiority, dependability and privacy of working with well-known consultancies.

Intorix Technology started operating couple of years back with an initial team of 2 people. In the past year and so we have grown to a team of 50+ full-time professionals working under the same roof.

We got clients across 4 t continents and the experience of working in over 50+ different projects of varying intricacy.